Prepare your business for the growth you see coming!

Most companies have some level of compliance, regulation or audit to deal with. The larger companies review and audit more often and have a complexity of overlapping either in requirements, controls or time. By overlap, it is meant that one regulation or compliance requirement might be either greater than another, compete with another, or compete with the way your business may want to flow or run. Not only do we understand each of the business requirements but the complexity of the overlap.

ADHERE’s teams have been working in the IT, Information Security and Compliance space for over 15 years. So, weeks or months before your business goes into an audit or customer compliance review, let us help you understand and map out where you are, where you want to be, where you can be and even update if necessary. We are not auditors, but we have been with many companies, side by side, when audits and customer reviews have taken place. We’ve got your back on compliance!

I’ll give you an example of what ADHERE has done for prep. A private Silicon Valley company had big customers and internal sales organizations pushing them to obtain attestations/audits in FedRAMP, HIPAA, SSAE16 SOC2 or ISO 2700x compliance. Since this company was private, they had only put in place the basic security to run their business; far from being audit ready. In order to win more business they had to make that “auditability” possible. This required some particular controls and processes to be put in place that they had never done before. They needed guidance and assistance to implement some of the tasks. After just 4 months, our customer was able to get an ISO 27002 attestation and a Safe Harbor certification. They engaged with us again to take the step towards SSAE 16 SOC2. Then they expanded their business (GROWTH) to include medical and pharma customers. They asked for our assistance in preparing for HIPAA and being a good Business Associate to a Covered Entity, and now…they are approaching FedRAMP, as they explore new sales (GROWTH) with a new silo of government entities.

Not only are our client’s customers (that were pushing for these attestations/audits) happy to be briefed on the compliance progress, but so is our client!

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