ADHERE’s Risk Assessments

Paramount to any organization’s security is an assessment of risk. Is your organization at risk? Where are the risks? Or more importantly, do you know what your risks are?

Depending upon your organization’s Risk Treatment Plan (RTP), ADHERE can perform Quarterly and Annual Risk Assessments as one of our services. And if your company does not have a formal RTP, ADHERE can create one for you.

Key areas where we Assess, Identify, and Report risk:
• Physical Security,
• Access Reviews (user and privileged),
• Asset Management,
• Hardware,
• VPN,
• Firewall,
• Anti-virus,
• Penetration Test Review,
• Vulnerability,
• Intrusion Detection System (IDS),
• Data Loss Prevention (DLP),
• HR Security, and
• Threat Analysis.

Working with senior management and the individual internal team owners, ADHERE will perform the risk assessments and/or review the applicable data. We then present our findings and recommendations to management. The findings can then be incorporated into your Risk Treatment Plan for further action and/or remediation.

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